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Welcome to EpicTea Pvt. Ltd. where we offer natural tea of premium and export quality. This company is owned by FEMALE ENTERPRENUER who was a homemaker, started making tea at home for companies and now own a FMCG Company of own tea package products and Chain of Company owned Tea Outlets. Tea, or chai as it is known in India, is about more than just selling tea. It’s a whole lot more than that. She was well aware of the importance of tea ethics, having come from an Indian family, and this prompted her to investigate the practices that surround it. She is continually motivated by the urge to develop and educate the public about this widely used beverage.

Experience the finest tea with EpicTea

The finest tea is produced using the orthodox method, which involves hand-picking the tea leaves and carefully processing them to ensure the highest quality. This method results in a tea that is unparalleled in taste and aroma. The leaves are withered, rolled, oxidized, and dried, with each step being done meticulously to ensure that the tea retains its natural flavors and characteristics. The result is a tea that has a delicate, nuanced flavor and a fragrant aroma that is unmatched by any other method. Those who appreciate the art of tea-making will appreciate the attention to detail that goes into producing tea using the orthodox method, and will savor the unique taste and aroma of each cup they enjoy.

Unleash the Refreshing Taste of Our Tea

white ceramic cup with coffee
white ceramic cup with coffee

About Us

The skill and joy of making tea is known as The Way of Tea. To new fragrant and powerful beverages, with authentic classical tastes exhibiting grace and respect. EpicTea is always experimenting with new and exciting beverages that are both palatable, clear, and flavorful. Making one-of-a-kind drinks for all drink connoisseurs. With a well-balanced mix of teas from different generations and cultures. Putting their heads together to create a delectable tea. We always sell fresh batch of tea leaves handpicked from tea gardens our teas are from Assam-Bhutan border, India. We own tea packages of 100% pure natural premium leaves of export quality. Our outlet is in Adajan, Surat, India. From your “Green tea is good for weight loss” to “I want to try Kashmiri Pink Tea”. We have it covered.

Main reasons to check out our lists of teas:
1) All Teas are Louvered and Aromatic.
2) Tea Leaves are Harvested in 100% organic Field.
3) Markets only Premium and Export quality Tea Leaves.

"We pride ourselves in offering our tea lovers the finest in personal services. Your satisfaction and comfort are our first priority. We welcome your invaluable comments and criticisms. Your patronage is and always will be appreciated, and we will enjoy serving you. We still personally inspect and use the best ingredients available for our kitchen. We believe you will enjoy the exceptional level of tea quality and service we strive to bring to every needed moment."