Serving the variety of finest tea prepared with the delicate art of tea recipes. Have always maintained the personal family involvement that we feel is necessary to ensure the type of rejuvenating experience our tea lovers expect. EpicTea uses only the freshest ingredients to give you the best possible quality from recipes that have been in our family for generations. You can enjoy an adventure of some of the exotic herbal tea and the greatest variety of choices at EpicTea Outlets with all kinds of generation’s Teas at Reasonable Prices.
Tea is essential for refreshment, business meetings, spending quality time, starting new relationships on the basis of offering EpicTea. When we say good quality special Tea then all situations will be different- as EpicTea provides “A Cup Of Freshness”. Based on this statement you have few more minutes for positive discussions.

Keeping all these in mind “EPICTEA “provides you Tea like homemade as per our identity with our committed statement of “ A Cup Of Freshness”. EPICTEA is committed to provide various tea tastes like Ginger-Pudina, Ginger, Elaichi, Orthodox Black Tea, Orthodox Green Tea and varieties of National and International flavor Teas.

  • For better health…EPICTEA uses Chai-Patti – Only Once.

  • For better Taste…EPICTEA never uses Re – Heated tea.

  • EPICTEA prepares tea with proven, unique, and specified recipes.

  • EPICTEA uses only Mineral water for making tea.

  • EPICTEA uses only food-grade stainless steel vessels to take utmost care about hygiene during tea making process.

person pouring coffee on brown cup
person pouring coffee on brown cup